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Updated - November 2016 - The Henry Ford, museum and Greenfield Village photo albums are up.

Features and Headlines:

Festival of Lights - Niagara Falls is waiting, November 19, 2016 to January 31, 2017.

Windsor Waterfront Trail ride - See what fun you can find in Windsor, Ontario, right outside the Casino.

The Henry Ford Review - The Henry Ford - A must visit, for more than a day.

The 2014 C7 reveal - October 2017 Two Years Ago - City Chevy - Unveiling Rick Hendrick's Second Charity Corvette C7 2014 Vin # 2

Recent Photos:

Windsor Waterfront Trail - Pictures from the parks along the trail.

BMX Rail Ride - Check out a first attempt stair rail ride.

The Henry Ford museum - So much more to see..

Greenfield Village - Beautiful in fall, both 2015 and 2016.


Movie Reviews - Three Stooges, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Book Reviews - The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played With Fire

Past Headlines

Sugar Mountain put in the Chondola 2015- My last article on Digital Journal

Charlotte Motor Speedway - Fall auto fair 2015 on Digital Journal

Thin Blue Line 2013 - Re-posted from my article at Digital Journal.

Carnival Cruise Western Caribbean 2012 - Full detailed write up of this cruise on the Legend out of Tampa, FL.

December 2012 - A visit to the Georgia Aquarium - Amazing what you can see and do at the aquarium.

Vancouver Island Favourites - Check out Vancouver Island parks and trails in the News, then go find the ones I haven't.

Aviation News- Museums and Air show, August must be Aviation month!

Summer Vacation 2012- Lets all go to the races!

Summer Vacation 2012 Photos - The kids, grand kids, races, and Lion Safari (what I could fit in 50 photos).

Cruising with Mom and Dad- Port Canaveral to Bahamas, a nice diversion.

Photos Cruise 2012 - Bahamas Cruise, 2012 with mom and dad

Vail and Denver, March 2012- Nothing like Colorado, Vail and Denver.

Whistler, Victoria, Blaine, 2011 - Don't miss this write up and the beautiful photos! Everyone should do this for Thanksgiving.

Miami and Bahamas, December 2011 - A fun 4 day cruise and a night in Miami, what fun.

October 2011 - A recap of October in photos, no big news update until next month, then look for Victoria, BC information and a mini Bahamas cruise.

Fall Fun - A Fall Hike and Fall Fairs

Winthrop Lakeview Disc Golf Course- An overview of the course.

Winthrop Lakeview Disc Golf Course - An album of the course, may add more photos later.

Summer 2011- Weddings, Disney, parks etc. All the fun in the news.

Midland First Annual Ace Race- Who won, how did it play, when's the next? Come read the details.

Midland Ace Race- Link for next years updates.

Mississippi - Tupelo, Memphis, Elvis Presley, Beale Street, Tunica, - Just fun, check it out.

Mississippi Photos- Beale St., Memphis, Graceland, Elvis Presley Park, Tupelo.

Tunica Photos- Tunica Riverpark airboat ride, and the evil Sam's Town employee.

Chattanooga -- Great Food, Waterfront Festivals and Fun - A fun place to visit.

Chattanooga, TN- A few water front photos in Chattanooga.

New Orleans and Biloxi Bound. - First Long weekend of the season, getaway. News and photos.

New Orleans and Biloxi Photos- Sites around New Orleans and Biloxi.

Fun at Maxton, NC - Land Speed Trials - ECTA - Details from the May 2011 meet.

Maxton Photos on Flicker - Find yourself or car from Maxton, NC, May ECTA meet up. Email for prints or high quality digitals.

Pink Slips Women's Car Club Photo Shoots - Car buffs check this story and VOTE for Sally...

Pink Slips LMC Photo Album- Photos from the day at Legendary Motorcar Company

Riverbanks Zoo Photos - An afternoon at the zoo.

Summit County, CO. - Quick update, on the Summit county Bears gathering..

Castle Mountain Photo Album - Lots of ski, scenery and friend shots. Find yourself.

Castle Mountain Winter - Friends, fun and work. - All the details, slide show and photo album.

Warning, HHGregg Return? - Read and be wary; features update.

Houston and Area - Houston, Galveston and the Gulf coast, what to do with 4 days in the area.

October in the Carolinas - Myrtle Beach new, Fort Fisher Ferry fun, York Fall Festival.-------Slide Show here too.

Fall Colours- Blue Ridge Parkway fall colours on Flicker

Victoria, Whistler, Whale Watching, - Finally added the details on a terrific spring vacation to go with the photo album I uploaded in the spring.

Port Dover, Friday 13th Ride In - Photos of the Port Dover Ride in.

Victoria, Whale Watching, Whistler - Complete pictures from my whale watching excursion in Victoria, BC, and the rest.

7 Days 4 Resorts, Utah, Big Mountain Fun - Salt Lake city Utah, a great place for skiers. Check it out.

It's Better in the Bahamas - 4 day, 3 night mini cruise to the Bahamas; get all the details.

A Wedding! November 7, 2009, Leonard and Jenny Parker - The big day.

What about the Norfolk Area-Favorite places to eat in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake area and what to see.

Atlantic City, Long Weekend -Why we keep going back. Where to eat, sleep and play

Washington with Grant and Donna -Great time. So awesome to meet up with old friends, and Shelby, you're not 2 any more!

4 Days in New Orleans - What a great get away. We escaped for 4 days and 3 nights to New Orleans.

Atlantic City Weekend -Caesar's invited me for the weekend, free flight for two, free rooms and most meals free. Well it's never really free, but it was nice.

March Break, 2009 - Katrina and the family come to Myrtle Beach.

Wintergreen, VA , Closing Day, 2009 - A day at Wintergreen Ski hill, and we thought ski season was over.

Summer 2007, wow - Catch all the up to date news on who did what, and the latest pics.

New York City New Year - Happy New Year 2007!

Wow Vegas, A Modern Wonder -What a birthday.

Richmond & Portsmouth, VA - What a weekend it turned out to be.

Len and Jo-anne Graduate- Definitely the highlight of my year was these two making it to graduation!

S.N.A.R.T. Group of Racers -Fun weekend, details in the news.

Natalie and Jay at Disney - A surprise visit to Florida for my niece and nephew, details here.

Holiday July 2005 - Rockford and Chicago highlights from 2005,click to go right to the story.

Skiing In North Carolina - Yes, there really is skiing here! See pictures, links to hill sites and more. Click to read.

Cruising the Caribbean - Nice cruise pictures and details.

Fit and Forty - How I did it!

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November 13, 2016- Festival of Lights coming soon

Niagara Falls Festival of Lights, November 19, 2016 to January 31, 2017Windsor waterfront trail on beautiful fall day

Niagara Falls, Ontario - Just a reminder, the Festival of Lights start very soon. Make your plans for Opening Ceremonies next weekend. I don't see anything posted for the New Years Even concert this year, maybe if you hear something you can send me the info. Click the email link right column for lisa. Oh, and check out photos from prior years on the News Page Festival of Lights piece.

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October 22, 2016 - Windsor, Ontario riverfront fun.

(Windsor waterfront multi use trail)Windsor waterfront trail on beautiful fall day

Amid my travels in the past month I took a beautiful fall bike ride along the Windsor Waterfront Trail while I was in the area. Beautiful, I haven't been along the river in Windsor in years since I almost moved there in 2000. If some of the Casino taxes helped pay for the waterfront revamp, art work at Odette Sculpture Park and creativity along the 25 km of multi use trail weaving on and off road with 15 km off road, then it was put to good use. While riding I ran into a few young gentlemen on bmx bikes prepping a rail for one of them to attempt. Parker's friends were waxing and setting up a stair rail along with carrying video equipment. He appeared quite accomplished on his bmx bike though nervously checking the rail and height several times before attempting the jump and ride down the rail. Parker agreed to let me take photos of his attempt which I emailed to him. In the News check out if he made it on his first attempt and see what more there is for fun fun in Windsor than the casino.

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October 2016 - The Henry Ford, Greenfield Village

(Fall 2016 - Firestone Farm, Greenfield Village)Greenfield Village Cows.

A few more updates to the web site done. I updated with links to my last couple articles I wrote for Digital Journal before I quit writing articles, and now I've a couple new photo albums up from the past month and so much more to do. I need to get a few news articles/reviews on the news page done. I'm hoping to hit that this month. I'm starting with some current fun from October at The Henry Ford, somewhere everyone should try to see.

Last year I purchased a membership to "The Henry Ford" $60.00. The best money I've spent in a few years. Love walking around the Greenfield Village and checking out all the things Henry Ford felt were important to be preserved and seen as they were 100 years ago. There is so much to see in the museum I haven't managed to see it all. Here's the museum photo album and Greenfield Village album. You'll get the gist of it from the albums, but I have added an in the news review with more information.

Henry Ford was so far ahead of time, looking around gave me so much respect for the man. I always use his quote on my page as one of my favorite quotes, but until you see his display in Detroit you don't know enough about him.

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October 2016 - The littlest news of the last few months?

(Fall 2016 - Introducing Peter Parker)

)Introduction Peter Parker.

This little guy is definitely the biggest news of the past few months. In August we were blessed with the newest Parker, grandchild number 7, Peter. I'm sure there's years of fun to come from him and he should probably be on the news page as a blurb, but since I'm going to start using the news for newsy stuff I'll put the personal things here, on the front cover. Mighty news like this should be a cover story. Halloween is coming soon and now that I'm really up and running I have lots of material to cover. Look for a short article on low carb life with some of the meals I indulge in, then a write up on the new Denver, and a visit to Montego Bay, Jamaica. Pictures and information will be uploaded in the next couple weeks in the news.

Along with that I hope to get a little time to write up an article on teaching my grand children to ski. Had the pleasure of teaching 2 more this past winter. I'll offer tips to make it fun for all and help for challenging situations. My oldest grandson has high functioning autism, which could have been a real challenge but we worked through it. He learned to ski in a day and I learned some new tricks to help with these situations in future. It wasn't really something new, but a great way to deal with something common. With ski season fast approaching I'll try to get this written before the winter to help others. Doesn't matter that I've taught skiing for 20 years now, my grandson taught me something great last winter.

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May 2016 - Nothing like 2.5 years to catch up on?

(Aspen in February 2016)Skiing Aspen in February 2016

Well it's not an easy task to try to catch up on 2.5 years so I won't. I'll give you an overview of this year coming and what I'm planning. In the past year I completed and passed my CSIA level 3 ski instructor exam, I've done some of the usual ski trips and I'm still taking tons of photos and working on my photography skills with courses, on line webinars etc. I've purchased some new lens since I last posted and some new ski equipment that I'll plan on reviewing now that I've time.

Where was I the past 2 years? I was getting in shape again. I wanted to be in great shape for my Level 3 exam as very few people actually pass that level. Only 3 of the 40 with me at the spring 2015 exam actually passed the full certification (both ski and teach portions). I was one, but that is what I was working on for that year. I cycled (single track trails) 2 to 4 hours a day, along with getting to the trails and home each day, I ate low carb (50 net carbs a day) to try and maintain nutritional ketosis to help my endurance. It all paid off. I passed; I have completed one season now teaching as a level 3. I am just going back to the low carb diet for 30 days this month. I really feel great when I follow it but it's a hard diet to stay on long term with no sugar or sweets and so much cooking required. I have tried to follow a semi low carb diet since passing my exam (more paleo style) but want to do 30 days to show people how healthy the meals actually are as so many think it's all bacon and sausage when in reality it is tons of vegetables, some meat for protein, fats, and little to no processed food. It's all real food cooked or treats baked at home to allow no sugar.

In the coming month I'll be doing a 30 day low carb stint and documenting 7 days of low carb meals in photos. I'll also post links to my daily diet in pdf format from That will be my big post for next time since it will be very time consuming to log everything and do the photos. I have an end of the year ski trip coming up yet, of course I'll add some information on it and photos. If there's time over the summer (if I slow down my training), I'll get some reviews on my newest ski boots, my favorite skis and a couple of resort reviews.

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November 2013 - I've been busy!

(New Orleans Jazz in August - heat you can feel)New Orleans Jazz in August.

I spent a great deal of time on the road since my last update taking photos and writing for digital journal. I received an honorable mention in the Digital Journal Photo Essay contest for my Balls Falls Photo Essay. Balls Falls has been good to me this year, I also sold one of my photos of Balls Falls to to be used in a Bruce Trail guide and on the trail sign header. I have been to Biloxi four times with popping over to New Orleans for dinner. My granddaughter decided to come for a 3 week visit and then fall was already here.

It has all been so much fun. Add to this to mountain drives and hikes along with adding tons of new stock photos to my Istock portfolio and finally starting to upload and get some sales on my Shutterstock portfolio, it has been a productive few months. You can also find my less stockish, more art photos now on sale at Fine Art America where prints and canvas' can be ordered. If I get any more serious and busy I'll have no time to write in here at all. What a struggle I've had getting time for this update. Wish I had time to add an update to the news too but I am booked for the next 3.5 weeks so that isn't going to happen. Next update will be after Christmas sometime in the 2104 year.

Trying to get 5 kids into a canoe for photos.  Fun at the Toronto zoo.Cars and car shows are a main event these days. Corvette has finally launched their seventh generation Corvette, giving it back the Stingray name and a new look to go with it. You can read a couple of my articles on the vette at digital journal here and here. I'll be sure to add the slide show from the Rick Hendrick's Chevy corvette VIN 002 unveil to the photos page also. If i get really energetic I'll repost the unveil article one Parkersspace news.

I went and saw my first drag racing this past quarter. Greer, SC runs a 1/8th mile track. For $7.00 every Thursday night you can go check out friends race cars or race your own, provided you wear a helmet. It was fun to practice some motion blur photos and see friends race to beat their times. I felt like I had stepped back in time and been given the chance to participate in the race fun of the 50's and 60's. What a great way to spend an evening watching the cars and bikes race down the track and hearing the owners stories of the nitrous systems they've put in and mods they have done in hopes of a better time. The roar of the motors revving and ties spinning at the start line was an adrenaline rush. The owner of the vette in my photo was hoping to make it in to the 5's with some improvements he had made. Success, he made the 5.9 he was looking for.

By far the most fun of the past few months was three weeks with my grand daughter. She got her passport and the first thing she said is I get to go to gamma's now! No problem I was right there to get her. I have so many great photos of her (she's beautiful what can I say) but the one below from the park is one of my favorite. My next few weeks will take me to visit the grandchildren again over the US Thanksgiving.

(September with the granddaughter)Grandduaghter climbing a wall at the park.

I have spent a lot of time hiking in October and November along with drives in the mountain. Nothing like the Autumn weather to make hiking a perfect pass time. Can't wait to do more. You can see more of my autumn photos at my Simply Photos Fine Art America site. Updates at Parkersspace are done for now until the New Year. Until the next time keep your eyes out for the photo page updates with the past few months photos. I'll be cruising Bahamas soon too and you'll hear about that on the next update. I'll make sure I note the main page when I put them in.

(November in South Carolina, Kings Mountain State Park)Fall treest at Kings Mountain State Park, South Carolina

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August 2013 Update - Seasonal Update
(June 2013 - Cars and Coffee, Charlotte, NC)1932 Bugatti at the Cars and Coffee, Charlotte, NC in June 2013.

Well, it has been an interesting spring and summer where I have kept myself busier than ever. With the new car came a new pastime to fit in with all the rest.New Corvette C6, 2012 just off the lot. Since purchasing the C6 Corvette I have attended a steady stream car shows, rides and corvette shows. A relaxed breakfast for fun and a favorite event has been the Cars and Coffee meet and greet in Charlotte, North Carolina on the first Saturday of every month. I was there in May and June and put up a photo album of the June event on the Photo page. You can read my Cars and Coffee article at Digital Journal with all the details and further information about Cars and Coffee. Another great show was the 1st annual Silver Willow Classic Car and Truck Show in Mansfield, Ontario. The grand kids came along for that show and we all had a great time. The Silver Willow Classic had a great turn out and was lots of fun. Find the Silver Willow photo album here and more information at Digital Journal where my Silver Willow Classic review is published.

Trying to get 5 kids into a canoe for photos.  Fun at the Toronto zoo.I made lots of time for family over June and July. My mom and dad made it down to South Carolina for the annual visit. That was terrific. I thought my mom and dad may not be in shape to travel down this year but they were and they came for a full 2 week visit. They had their fun shopping as usual. It was just nice to see them here, relaxed and having fun. For the month of July I went and stayed with my grand kids for a month. I love the chance to get to play with them and wish I had more time for that.

With the grand kids I had fun at the beach, made it to the zoo, the Silver Willow Car Show, Niagara Falls and the Welland Canal with at least some of them along for each. I haven't made up an album of my time with the kids yet, but I plan to do that in the next week or two while I have a break from traveling.

I have decided with the time I need to write for Digital Journal I'll be cutting back updates on this web site to every 3 to 4 months. I may put up small updates in between, but my plan is for updates to show up by the end of December, March, June, September. As it's August now, it will likely be December for my next this year. I may post some news items in between or small recaps but no promises. Feel free to check more often.

(June 18, 2013 - Mom and Dad at the mall)Ruby Bowl, at Whistler Blackcomb, BC.

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April 2013 Update - Where have I been?
(February 17, 2013 -Snow Balls in South Carolina)Enough snow in South Carolina to make snow balls.

Visiting my brother in Victoria, BC, on a drive up to Port Renfrew to watch the tide.I have been updating a little, but what's really happened is I've been writing for Digital Journal and not put in a full update here over the winter, so yes, I have been busy and doing stuff and even writing. I did get to teach my neighbours daughter how to have a snow ball fight who had never made a snow ball!. Now it's time to catch up all my regular readers.

First off I've been to Victoria for a few weeks and Whistler to ski twice but not done the photos or updates so that will be coming this month. I went to the Blue Knob, PA epic ski gathering for the first time in a few years, had a fabulous time but I've not done that story or photos. I hit Sugar Mountain, NC as usual, and did a write up for Digital Journal about North Carolina skiing, but no separate write up on Sugar Mountain, guess I have to work on that too. I have been out Myrtle Beach to visit great friends, Jim and Joy Cuff who own the Bear Lake Lodge I took the grand kids to last summer. While heading to the beach a needed stop in Conway, SC had me finding it has lots of historic flare to offer and put up a photo album and wrote an article on the Historic Conway, SC, for Digital Journal. As you can see, I have been busy. Stories or at least photo albums will come in the next month or two of all the happenings to go with the two photo albums that I already added to the photos page.

All this along with getting a new car, some hiking, the Charlotte Auto show, and the Thin Blue Line Ride, 5th annual was this past weekend to keep me busy all winter while I wasn't able to teach skiing this year. You will find the re-posted article from Digital Journal on the Thin Blue Line 2013 ride in the news now. Feel free to read either or just check out the photos here.

In November Shutterstock accepted my images for contribution, so I have been very slowly sending in photos to them also. The sales there are quite good I hope to have time to get many more sent in to them.

(February 10, 2013, Whistler Blackcomb, Ruby Bowl)Ruby Bowl, at Whistler Blackcomb, BC.A sneak peak from Ruby Bowl, Whistler/Blackcomb, BC and I hope to get a review article up with information for all on accommodation, terrain and runs.

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